What You Should Know About Kratom Products

Even though Kratom has been widely used for decades in Southeast Asia, it has recently become popular in the United States. This article may be helpful for those interested in giving it a go but aren't sure where to begin.  The market is flooded with hundreds of Kratom variations, each with its unique product line, vein color, strain,...

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Benefits of Wearing Woolen Clothing

The thought of wearing a wool mid-layer or base layer to remain warm may seem strange to the uninitiated. For a long time, wool has been misjudged and associated with heavy, itchy, irritating, and unrelentingly hot. However, in recent years, a debate over wool versus synthetic has re-emerged with various brands' establishment of the small-diameter merino wool fibers....

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How to Hike With a Dog

There's nothing quite like getting in touch with nature, and one of the best ways to enjoy the world around us is by hiking some of the most beautiful outdoor places. Exploring nature is one of the most fulfilling experiences, so why shouldn't our furry friends get to enjoy the sites as well? It may take a little...

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10 Unexpected Uses For Beeswax

Use honey to create delicious recipes ( Honey mustard sheet pan chicken with Brussels sprouts anyone?) DIY facial masks. Did you know that busy bees can also make another sticky substance that you could use in a variety of ways? Bee wax is the magical material that bees use to make honeycomb. Remaining beeswax is a byproduct of...

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